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What is Excessive Detail?

Excessive Detail is a media and tech blog that focuses on video games, geek culture, and modern cinema and TV. It's a place where we can tackle certain important issues such as censorship, consumer rights, and political virtue signaling within geek and gamer culture; while also taking the time to promote these mediums as art, and encourage more appreciation for them on the whole. It's somewhere for me to promote what I love and defend what matters to me on a personal level, and hopefully you'll find some of the content enjoyable and/or interesting.

Why is this site so political?

Because everything is political. It's common for forums, social media sites, and chat rooms to demand that it's members not talk about politics under the guise of civility, but that rule makes no sense. Every industry, social group, or even just a hobby; is affected by politics and ignoring that means you can't effect change. Additionally, and this is more prevelant with narrative media, but understanding politics will enrich the experience of any media because you can understand the references, allegory, and imagery present. Here at Excessive Detail we want to promote art, and to reasonably do that we need to be politically literate. Films, TV shows, and games can only be taken seriously and can only include deep naratives, when they're allowed to portray political issues, present ideas to the audience, and ask questions for them to ponder. And vitally, that art can then only be preserved if the people consuming it are politically active and remain vigilant against censorship, virtue signaling, corporate interests, scapegoating, and the many other issues that threaten to compromise the artistic integrity of the medium. That is why this site is so political. All informed and conscientious people are.

So, Who are you? Why should we care what you say?

My name is Billy McKenna. I'm a long time gamer and geek who wants to promote the furthering of my favourite mediums as art, and the preservation and appreciation of that art. I've been gaming for almost 3 decades now and I've been a fan of geek staples like science-fiction, high fantasy, and horror for as long as I can remember. In the last 3 years I've found a deep seated love for film and I now identify as a film buff. I go to the cinema almost every week seeing between 40 and 80 films per year in the cinema; and I have an extensive film and TV library at home. Games wise I'm both a PC and console gamer, though I prefer to game on consoles generally. I primary play on PS4 at present, and growing up I was a big fan of SEGA, but I'm a multi-system gamer and have owned almost every console ever released at some point in my life. I'm also a tabletop gamer. I've ran long-running games of Shadowrun, Dungeons & Dragons, and World Of Darkness, some spanning more than a decade; and I've actively played wargames and CCGs such as Warhammer and Magic: The Gathering. As you can see, I'm very entrenched in most facets of geek culture, with the only key areas I've never shown a strong interest in being comic books and anime, though I have enjoyed both. Some people say that in order to be an expert you need to spend 10,000 hours doing something over your lifetime; if that's the case, I am an expert in cinema, and an expert in gaming twice over. But time spent isn't the only factor, I think I have some important insights and opinions that I'd like to spread, and I hope you find them interesting and convincing.

Is it just you?

Primary yes. While there may be other people writing articles at times, and I will have co-hosts appearing on the podcast, this entire site is a passion project created by one guy. I would like to think I can do enough on my own to keep the site interesting and worth re-visiting but I'm aware that there's limits to what I can do. In addition to the site, I spend my time on Facebook, Reddit, and various chat room and forums on the internet discussing games and other things that matter to me. If you want to debate these issues and get involved please do; you'll find me in the Facebook group most days and there are other like minded people who will enjoy discussing the hobbies with you there.

You made a mistake on [Insert Article].

That isn't a question. Also, I never make mistakes, they're "easter eggs". Purposeful errors for you to try to find. Can you find them all? The prize for the first person to find all of them is, nothing what-so-ever. But in all honesty, yeah, I'm not brilliant when it comes to the written word. Dyslexia runs in my family and I've always struggled with grammar. Hopefully the errors aren't so egregious that they're impossible to ignore. If however I'm factually wrong about something; I make a claim about a developer that's not true for example, please let me know. I'll make a point of posting a retraction and correcting any error I make. I won't claim there won't be such errors because I am only human and I don't have a team of fact-checkers so I can't be sure of anything. What I can say is, stay informed. If you read something here that gets you thinking, Google it and find a few other people talking about the same issue. Get multiple perspectives and make up your own mind. I will never appologise for voicing an opinion, I will never take down a review because people think it's unfair, or remove an article because it's offending anyone. No-one has the right to silence my voice. But I will maintain that whatever I say, I could be mistaken; so never take what I say as 100% incontroversial.