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The culture war is real, pick a side or someone will choose it for you.

Culture War

We are living during a culture war. While this site is ideally, primarily focused on geek culture and video games the fact is we all need to take a stance here. We all need to decide where we lay on the big issues of the day. Now, I know my audience is completely international, I have people reading this site in USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Japan just to name a few. I can talk about my personal political leanings but it will ultimately serve little purpose. I'm not looking to change local politics here and while I am an active member of a political party, I am campaigning for local politics, and I do care about my own country first and foremost; it's not relevant to this site. But local politics is effected by a few issues that do directly effect our hobbies here.

The biggest threats to media depend largely on the industry in question. When it comes to cinema, one of the biggest problems we have is the compromising of the artistic visions of directors and writers by their studios in order to pander to feminists. This problem has been long standing and I don't understand how it got to this point. Regardless, there's no doubt that deperate attempts to virtue signal to social justice movements usually with forced diversity, white shaming, and heavy handed girl-power messages in film has become a huge problem. It's even poisoned some of the single most successful franchises in the industry with the likes of 'Star Wars' and the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' both being adversely effected.

On the side of gaming, journalistic integrity is a huge problem. Extreme neo-capitalism has taken over and gambling mechanics in games are a huge issue. Games are being cancelled if the publisher can't reasonably force in more and more microtransactions, and unfinished terrible pieces of shit masquerading as video games are quickly becoming the norm. This would be easy to combat if we had people reporting on it properly, but the critical games media is filled with, you guessed it feminist pandering SJWs who would rather complain about the "representation of women", and make up lies about receiving death threats than actually inform the consumer. The movement known as "GamerGate" is a prime example. (Oh and seriously, can we stop adding "Gate" as a suffix to every controversy. Watergate was not a scandal about water. The word "gate" added to the end of a word does not indicate a scandal. It's really fucking irritating that the internet keeps doing this). Originally a movement trying to get journalists in the industry to actually do their jobs, it was quickly co-opted by feminists who claimed that it was really about harrassing women. Because holding a journalist to a set of ethics is harrassment if she happens to be a fucking woman.

Already it should be obvious where the problem lies. Feminism is cancer. Feminism is the fucking enemy.

The problem with feminism is that it's a hateful bigoted ideology of sexism, whilst also being seemingly convinced that it's championing "equality". Clearly the people who follow this ideology don't understand what equality even is. Rather than actually fight for equal rights, or hell, even just fighting for womens rights in areas where they need them; such as countries where women's rights are still disputed like Saudi Arabia. Rather than doing that, feminists would rather actively attack men. It's no longer about getting rights for women, it's about being a bitter shrivelled up old cunt and taking it out on everyone else; and yes, that's exactly what is happening. Young girls are being told by angry feminists that they're oppressed victims, and that men are evil, they're brainwashed over and over throughout their teen years (usually), while being whipped into a ferver over nothing.

The newest aim of the feminist agenda is to push intersectionality. It's a rather disgusting ideology in which people are no longer considered people, but are instead identified by the group labels they belong to, (all while they claim they don't believe in labels, these people are extremely contradictory and calling them on these contradictions will only get them to be hostile). Your value is based on how much "privilege" you have. Oh but not you personally, but your group as a whole; and even then, the group will be considered only in certain lights. So as a man you're privileged because you earn more money, even if you don't; because men on average earn more money... because men on average work longer hours, more dangerous jobs, take on more responsibility, and choose more competitive jobs that require working 70+ hours a week to the detriment of anything else in your life; something the majority of women aren't prepared to do, but that doesn't matter. Men on average earn more so they have "privilege", whatever that is. Aaaaah, but men are also more likely to die in the workplace, far more likely to die in war, far more likely to be the target of violent crime, have a shorter life expectancy in general, and are significantly more likely to be homeless, to commit suicide, or suffer from drug addictions. Surely that means women have safer more secure lives and that would be female "privilege"; but no, that's not the case because... fuck you that's why!


The current movement doesn't want to hear rational arguments, or even hear their own ideology taken to it's natural conclusion. It wants to spread hatred and bigotry, primarily towards white men; who they presume to be white men despite the fact that they will openly claim gender is a social construct and that there's dozens if not hundreds of genders, but their opponents are always "men"; and if you claim you're not, now you're mocking the trans movement despite the fact that the entire trans movement at this point is nothing more than a way to shift identity labels for the intersectional feminists as they choose. They don't identify as female, until there's a claim that women are oppressed then they do obviously, but if you have a counter point, they're now trans and you have to respect them or you're being hateful. Fuck that.

Ultimately this entire ideology is one of authoritarian word games and social control. Identity politics is nothing more than a means of controlling people by labelling anyone you don't like as being part of an oppressor group, if they don't prostrate themselves before you like the scum they are; then it's because they're bigots who want to continue their oppression. Because the feminist ideology is often held by lower-middle-class people who are pathetically incompetent when it comes to achieving things in the real world they're usually reliant on hand-outs and resentful of the rich, successful, competent, and capable; and as such they have an entitlement complex which makes them very sympathetic to socialist ideology because basically they believe they deserve something for nothing. They're entitled little brats who think the world owes them something; and annoyingly they've poisoned modern socialism to a dangerous degree, pushing a truly dangerous interpretation of Marxism that we should all be aware of. Genuine liberal socialists like myself, (yes despite that scaithing description of a Marxist mindset, I am in fact a socialist myself), have no place in this modern regressive left wing because we reject identity politics and promote the fundamentals of civil liberties.

Now this is all well and fine, but why should we give a fuck about these armchair protesters, overgrown children LARPing as revolutionaries? We're here to play video games, watch films, and just enjoy a bit of escapism. Well we should care because these people want to define our freedoms. They want to censor our media for no other reason than it's there and they can use it as a scapegoat. Our media isn't fawning over itself to promote feminism so in their eyes it needs to be clensed, and it doesn't matter if it does something objectionable. Remember, according to feminists, 'Mass Effect' is a disgusting sex simulator that should be banned. Yes seriously! They didn't even fucking play it before they decided to make shit up about it and the reporters who made that hit-piece looked especially foolish; and yet they keep doing it. Now they're going even further though.

Free speech isn't allowed. Jokes are banned. Acknowledging the differences between men and women is "hate-speech" and a crime. Not bowing down to the feminist cause is intolerance, and it makes you a sexist and a bigot. In my own country, the mainstream media and main political parties are actively promoting feminism and those same political parties and news outlets are slandering any opposition and getting them censored. They will get them banned on social media, de-platformed at any speaking venue, if you're attempting to speak internationally you'll be refused a travel Visa and barred entry to the country, if you're funded by crowdfunding you'll be removed from Patreon, blocked by PayPal, and even refused service by Mastercard. If you attempt to communicate via large forums, your Subreddit will be "quarantined", and your YouTube channel will be demonitised and even delisted. Twitter is likely the first place to ban you, though Facebook will follow on next. It doesn't matter if you're left-wing. I'm left-wing. They will decide you're "far right", whilst being completely ignorant as to what "left-wing" and "right-wing" even means. You'll probably be labelled a Nazi if you disagree with anything these people say, which the internet has already agreed basically proves they've lost the argument because they can't handle any nuance without mentioning the bloody Nazi's. This is what the regressive left wing are like.

Right now we need to decide if we're willing to let feminists and cultural Marxists take control, pushing identity politics and authoritarian censorship. You don't get to "not care" about this. This issue is coming for you. Either you join them and push their insane ideology; or eventually you will become their target either for wrongthink that they'll make up on the spot, labelling you as the oppressor. Or they'll just decide you're a Nazi anyway based on the colour of your skin and the shape of your genitals, especially if you're a white man. They're not going to let you just sit back, watch your films, play your games, and mind your own business. They're going to fuck you over because modern intersectional feminism isn't just an ideology, it's a psuedo-fascist cult and you're in it's way.

So yes, the culture war is real. You need to pick your side now, or they will pick it for you. And if you let them pick it for you, they'll probably decide you're evil because of some made up privilege you supposedly have. That is the cold hard truth.