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What the holy fuck are they putting in the water in Brazil?!

MC Melody

So far the articles I've been posting on this site have been relatively serious. I mean sure they're largely about video games and geek shit, in other words 'srs biznis'. This is not one of those articles, this is just me saying "what the fuck" at something comparatively unimportant, (which should tell you just how unimportant it really is).

So what's going on. Well see that hot woman in the picture above. That gorgeous latin woman kinda looks a bit like a mix of Vanessa Hudgens and Shakira. That sexy as fuck woman... yeah...


Yeah, I know. You don't believe me. I know who she is and I still don't believe me. Oh and don't feel bad about thinking she's sexy as fuck because she is; largely because I'm not entirely convinced she's real. Part of me wonders if she's just a test to see if the moral outrage on the internet will swallow itself.

So who the fuck is this 11 year old kid with the body of a 20 year old? Well, her name is Gabriella Severino, (though aparantly there's also a makeup artist with that name, who's also hot as fuck, but is not 11). She goes by the stage name 'MC Melody' and is one of those new-media starlets from Brazil. You know the types. They make 20 second shakey videos of themselves lipsyncing to a pop songs on their phone and somehow get famous doing that. Yeah, I feel old and out of touch too; moreso now that apparently the human breeding age has dropped as low as fucking 11!

All I can think is, what the fuck are they putting in the water in Brazil? She's far from the first pre-teen girl who could happily walk into a nightclub without ID because she simply looks way older than she should. And I'm not cherry-picking pictures here either; you're welcome to google her and check out her Instagram account if you don't believe me. These are pictures of an 11 year old...

MC Melody

Now, what can we take away from all this; other than the realisation that I'm now asking every girl I ever sleep with from now on for ID. Honestly, I'm not sure. I could write a post about the "hypersexualisation of young girls" and how the world need to be ashamed; but she seems happy enough and she's literally doing this to herself. She's not being paraded around, she's posting herself to social media. I could start a debate on age of consent and how clearly it's too high; because... well look. But I'm not sure it actually is. It's different in many different countries. Here it's 16, but in USA it's 18, in most of Europe it's 15. In some countries like Italy and Japan it's 14. I can't criticise really; I was sexually active myself at 15, with my then 14 year old girlfriend. Some people are just ready at a young age; at the same time I have family and friends who weren't sexually active until as late as their mid-20s. I know more people who where virgins at 18 than I do people who were not.

If anything, I've recently heard a rather convincing argument that the age of consent should be higher; maybe it needs to be as high as 20-21. Yes, I know, that seems ludicrous; but age of consent isn't about whether you're biologically physically ready for sex. If it was little Gabriella here would be perfectly legal, because DAMN she's ready... but I guarantee a conversation with this girl would be the most disturbing conversation you ever have, as you see the young woman who looks about 20 speak, sound, and act like a child, not a teenager, a child. She would have the manerisms, the body language, and would use the vocabulary of an 11 year old; and that would be horrific. That's a level of uncanny valley that could well trigger fight-or-flight reactions because to your brain it literally doesn't make sense. Though sickeningly, the current crop of 20 year olds act like children anyway, so would we actually notice?

This is actually my point. The current generation is so infantalised that they have tantrums, and go to "safe spaces" where their ideas can't be challenged and their feelings are given special status. In USA after President Trump was elected, grown adults in universities across the country, where given time off and had exams postponed; and where provided grief rooms with juice, blankets, colouring books and crayons, and even a litter of puppies to play with. Students went by the dozens and curled up crying, wailing, and throwing tantrums like little children for DAYS in these rooms because they didn't get their way. Let's ignore the political implication of these people throwing a fit and in some cases later protesting the result of a democratic election, (clearly they don't respect democracy); and let's just consider how incredibly childish this shit is.

MC Melody

So yeah. I stumbled upon MC Melody after falling down the internet rabbit hole and winding up on blogs that happened to be talking about her and it was a decent enough excuse to make another post. I can at least loosly claim this is "internet culture" based. Oh, and for anyone feeling guilty because they legit find this little girl sexy. Don't. It's perfectly natural. She's a post-pubescent woman who happens to have gone through puberty extraordinarily early. Finding that body sexually attractive is normal; and being repulsed when you discover that she's as young as she is, that's also normal. If it makes you feel any better, she turned 12 last month...

...that doesn't help, does it?