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Naughty Dog are pro-feminist shills, and The Last Of Us 2 will suffer for it.

The Last Of Us

Yes. You read the title. Naughty Dog are not the savours of gaming and I'm actually genuinely concerned that 'The Last Of Us: Part 2' will be nothing more than a lesbian empowerment narrative at this point. Media has reached this tipping point where social justice movements have convinced everyone that the most important thing in media is "representation", that gay people and gay relationships need to be everywhere, and that men are intrinsically bad. What you end up with is a bunch of bitter, hate-filled women; who openly CHOOSE to be gay as a political statement, (whilst fucking guys on the side obviously because they're not really gay, they'll make up a new word for their sexuality later. "Bisexual" is too mainstream for them).

Now. As you've no doubt noticed, I'm a big fan of Sony's current direction. I think they're focusing on actually delivering great games. Their AAA narrative single player focus is going to serve my wants in gaming especially well. I'm also a huge fan of the previous games by Naughty Dog. With 'The Last Of Us: Remastered' being one of my all time favourite games, and the reason I started playing online. I'm a huge fan of the 'Uncharted' series too and loved the story in the 4th game particularly. Both of these games are in my list of games I'm aiming to get the platinum trophy for. So saying this stuff brings me no joy.

The direction Naughty Dog is going in is all part of an "agenda", self-admittedly so in fact. Neil Druckmann creative director and vice president of Naughty Dog said so himself at a presentation where he criticised female representation in games, shilled feminist authors, and praised Anita fucking Sarkeesian. Yes, that useless cunt! That lying, manipulative, censorship encouraging, professional fucking victim. Not only did he feel inspired by her "work", Naughty Dog where even the ones who presented this hateful bitch with an award at the 2014 game awards.

Anita Sarkeesian

It's clear at this point, at least to me, that Naughty Dog don't give a fuck about making a game, they care about pushing an agenda. They had a panel discussion at PSX 2017, and who do they have hosting it? Hannah Hart. Now, I have no issues with Hannah, she's a perfectly nice person but she's not a media personality and she's not a gamer. She's a food blogger. She knows so little about gaming she didn't even know what PUBG was. She didn't know what the biggest game in the fucking world was called (and at the time Fortnite hadn't overtaken PUBG, but that's besides the point). She got the job as host for one and precisely one fucking reason. Because she's a lesbian.

This is a disgusting trend within Naughty Dog now. They don't want to make games, they want to fetishise lesbianism. It's becoming an issue where "lesbian" is becoming a political fucking term. It's not a matter of being gay, it's intrinsically linked to feminism, man hate, and social justice pandering. We don't see the same issues coming from gay men. Gay men are happy to just do their own thing. It's almost as though lesbians are all just fucking miserable and can't handle the world... and to be fair, if all I had to fuck was the flannel shirt wearing, self-absorbed, victim culture obsessed, not at all feminine looking, narcissists that dominate the "lesbian" scene; I'd be pissed too.

Naughty Dog went out of their way to make sure Nathan Drake had a daughter, so any continuation of 'Uncharted' would be female focused. They made a point of having Chloe and Nadine star in a game together and then creepily post stuff on social media where they heavily imply that they're a lesbian couple despite them both having clear straight relationships in the past, effectively ret-conning their characters to include more gay characters. The marketing on 'The Last Of Us: Part 2' is so hyper-focused on Ellie kissing another girl and doesn't seem to focus on anything else so far. It's disturbing.

I want to see games with compelling stories. I thought Ellie's sexuality was cleverly hinted at in the first game and I really enjoyed the way they made that character work. It was fine and I don't feel there was a big SJW push in that game, at least not overt. It was just a desire to write a story about a gay woman and that's fine. What's not fine is the current direction...

Naughty Dog are not just making everything female focused and pandering to feminists. They're literally replacing men in their games. Nathan Drake's legacy will be continued by a fan-fic lesbian duo or his daughter. The Last Of Us is entirely focused around Ellie now and introduces only female characters. The only male character introduced is pointedly not white but Asian, and is played by a fucking woman. Yes, Ian Alexander a "trans-man", in other words a woman who insists on being called "he/him". And no I won't respect her fucking pronouns. You don't get to be part of my gender you evil sexist bitch.

This is the person that Naughty Dog want to have representing men in their games. A man hating racist woman who claimed to be a man just to score fucking virtue points, and who is frankly disgusting in every way. I hope their character dies in the game, I already hate that character.

The reality we have to always hold to is that we're in the middle of a fucking culture war, and the social justice regressive left will ruin art to push their agenda. It's not even a decent agenda. It's not about compassion for others. It's not about presenting a gay lifestyle as a good thing. It's not even about pushing back against genuine inequalities and injustice. It's about pandering to middle class American feminists and social justice cunts who don't care about the fucking game anyway, in order to virtue signal to the entitled crying masses. That's all this is.

Years ago when I heard 'The Last Of Us' was getting a sequel I immediately said to everyone, "I'm not buying that. They'll fuck it up, they'll ruin it. They caught lightning in a bottle here and they won't do it again. Sequels almost always suck". Maybe it won't suck. Maybe there's enough of a group focused on great game design, deep narrative, engaging gameplay etc. that it'll still be worthwhile. But I'm going into this already knowing that 'The Last Of Us: Part 2' is a feminist driven, gay agenda preaching game, that purposely headhunted a trans asian to play the only prominent male role. They've already added a spoonful of liquid shit to the chocolate sause, and it doesn't matter how good the chocolate is, it doesn't matter how diluted that contaminent is, I'm not going to eat it, there's shit in it!

Thanks for fucking this one up Naughty Dog. And to think we actually trusted you. What fucking idiots we where.